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Over the past 4 decades, Regent has grown from strength to strength and satisfying our clients in a wide array of print services - from unique sized paper bags to customised corporate folders; bespoke invitation cards to handcrafted hard-cased books; and high end calendars and premium red packets.

Our customer service team ensures that our clients enjoy a high level of service. We take PRIDE in our work and deliverables, upholding INTEGRITY is our top priority and commit to safeguard your data and information. We do not capitalise on your error, instead, we help to increase your cost savings. These are our COMMITMENT and vital corporate values. 

Most importantly, REGENT represents you!


2 Jalan Rajah, #06-20
Golden Wall Flatted Factory
Singapore 329134


T: (65) 6508 0255
F: (65) 6508 0257